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OPINION: Taking the J out of JAFA

By MacDiarmid Institute Principal Investigator Geoff Willmott “The problem is the gap between us on the map, and there’s no easy way to reconcile it.” – ‘Wellington’ (The Mutton Birds) In a colonial outpost a handful of academics follow the lead of those based further south, struggling to promote an institute in the midst of […]

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New Faces: Michelle Dickinson

Michelle Dickinson has always been interested in how things work. Her father, an aircraft engineer, would leave bits of circuitry lying about the house (Michelle remembers this frustrating her mother somewhat) and encouraged Michelle to take things apart and put them back together again.  This natural curiosity and an ability in maths and science was nurtured at school—“at no time was I ever made to […]

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New Faces: Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith, newly arrived Head of the School of Chemical Sciences at the University of Auckland and Associate Investigator of The MacDiarmid Institute has hit the ground running since arriving in the country in January. He’s been doing the usual relocation stuff, dealing with the construction noise as the iconic Science Centre building on the corner of Wellesley and Symonds Streets is rebuilt, along […]

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Inspiring The Next Generation

Cather Simpson went to university to become a neurosurgeon, but found herself drawn to maths and physics instead. “Some people just 
like maths,” she says. “There’s a sort
 of internal and aesthetic satisfaction that comes from solving an equation, or describing some physical system, using what you know about maths and physics.” By the time […]

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Jim Metson – Access to the Tool Kit

Jim Metson’s into materials – particularly surface science with a key focus on metal oxides and applications for the aluminium industry. He’s an associate director of the Light Materials Research Centre at the University of Auckland, and Deputy Dean of Science. Jim characterises his early career as “we’re doing what we do until we figure […]

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Lost In Translation

  There are words that are used when cultures meet—collision, encounter—that draw
 the reader, the listener, towards their own conclusions—a violent act, a skirting of the issues, a lack of connectivity. Then there are lived moments that take issue with these words. Picture, if you can, Nobel Laureate Roald Hoffmann, speaking on behalf of the Advanced […]

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