The MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology is a national network of leading New Zealand scientists. The Institute leverages strengths across the country and internationally, working collaboratively utilising a programme-based approach to undertake harder, higher level research that drives innovation and economic growth in and for relevant New Zealand industries.

The research undertaken by institute investigators includes but is not restricted to generating new knowledge in electronic and photovoltaic materials with tailored performance, nanoporous materials for energy- and environment-related applications, functional nanomaterials inspired by biology, or manufactured using biology, for advanced applications in energy, medicine and sensing, and new nano-tools for cellular studies. We build materials and devices from atoms and molecules, developing and applying cutting-edge techniques in physics, chemistry and engineering. We capture our diversity to create benefit and build strength. We train entrepreneurial and socially-aware young scientists, many of whom go on to work in industry or start their own companies, in a culture of excellence and collaboration. Through sharing the results of our scientific research with the public and with Government, we are inspiring researchers and working to generate a nationwide culture change where science and innovation are celebrated as the keys to New Zealand’s future prosperity. Our research will deliver important elements of the disruptive science that will underpin the future of technological development that will be on par with, for example smart device systems that have already transformed how people live their lives. While the Institute is hosted by Victoria University of Wellington, our Investigators work throughout New Zealand. Named after Alan MacDiarmid, whose curiosity and determination saw him awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, the MacDiarmid Institute was New Zealand’s first Centre of Research Excellence.

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Sponsorship and Support

The MacDiarmid Institute is proud to support the following organisations:

The Asia Nano Forum (ANF) is a Nanotechnology networking organisation covering 15 economies in the Asia Pacific region.  ANF’s Mission is to promote responsible research & development of nanotechnology that educationally, socially, environmentally and economically, benefits each economy by fostering international network and collaboration. Read the ANF newsletter here. CHIASMA is New Zealand’s premier student-led organisation that fosters connections between science and business, connecting university students to high-tech industries.

Eureka! The Sir Paul Callaghan Awards for young Science Orators. Te Rōpū Āwhina  in the Faculties of ScienceEngineeringArchitecture and Design at Victoria University of Wellington, was established in 1999. The kaupapa of Āwhina is to produce Māori and Pacific scientists, technologists, engineers, architects and designers to contribute to Māori and Pacific community development and leadership.