Thomas Nann

Micronutrient profiling of human breast-milk derived exosomes

Frontiers in Genetics paper about studying exosomes derived from human breast milk from MacDiarmid alumni and VUW lecturer Dr Renee Goreham and MacDiarmid PI Professor Thomas Nann. More info: A collaborative review article on exosomes found in breastmilk, paying particular attention to the proteomics and biochemistry. This review was motivated by the research interests […]

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The MacDiarmid Institute faciliates the New Zealand nano-revolution

Director of the MacDiarmid Institute, Professor Thomas Nann, associate Professor Justin Hodgkiss, and post-doctoral fellow Dr Renee Goreham give an overview over the MacDiarmid Institute’s research activities. Read more

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MI Investigators successful in MBIE Endeavour Round 2016 & Smart Ideas

12 of our Investigators were successful in MBIE 2016 Endeavour Round.

MacDiarmid Investigators are involved in both ‘Smart Ideas’ and ‘Research Programmes’.

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Why nanotech is sexier than ever

Professor Thomas Nann recently took up his new post as director of New Zealand’s renowned MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology. He answered these questions from the Herald. You recently arrived in Wellington following a tenure as director of the Australian National Fabrication Facility. Can you tell us about the kind of work that […]

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Nano-LEGO® – assembling functional nanoparticles

Thomas Nann et al. Nanomaterials and their mesoscopic properties have fascinated many scientists in recent years. The general public associates Nanotechnology probably more with microscopic robots as depicted in Figure 1. Figure 1: Artistic view of a micro-submarine in a blood vessel. CONEYL JAY / SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY To date, there is still a huge […]

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New Director for the MacDiarmid Institute

The MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology is delighted to announce that Dr Thomas Nann has been appointed as the new Director of the Institute, and will start with us on 17th August. Along with this appointment, Thomas will also be Professor at Victoria University of Wellington, in the School of Chemical and Physical […]

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