Structural properties of materials at the nanoscale (Reeves, Gaston)

The difference between trapping by tunnelling through the bandgap barriers and trapping at defect sites will be investigated. The results will contribute to understanding charge transport properties in wide-band gap optical materials. Our theoretical insight will also be applied to calculate the structures of metallic systems from first-principles, developing new techniques that enable us to […]

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UV Tuneable Laser Source

“You just realise that you’ve got this new capability that you had no way of getting out of universities. It almost seems like toys for us to play with!” – Roger Reeves. About the Equipment: The tuneable laser source produces any wavelength of light from red to UV. It is made up of two lasers […]

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Roger Reeves Awarded the T. K. Sidey Medal

MacDiarmid Institute researcher Associate Professor Roger Reeves, has been awarded the T. K Sidey Medal in recognition of his outstanding contribution to research intrinsically associated with electromagnetic radiation. The T. K. Sidey Medal is awarded at irregular intervals for outstanding scientific research concerning electromagnetic radiation. This research comprises applications in any way beneficial to human […]

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