Materials for High Value Technologies

Objective 3: Modelling the behaviour of new and emergent materials.

Hand in hand with these experimental investigations into materials we have theoretical and modelling projects where the dreams of materials with unconventional excitations can be realised in Objective 3. It is very efficient and achievable to explore the parameter space of electronics and optics with computer based models. Questions about how the input nanoscale structure […]

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Objective 2: New Frontiers in spin polarised & superconducting materials

Within Objective 2 materials that have technological applications in superconductivity and magnetism will be explored. Here a common theme is enhanced performance of a device through management of the spin of its constituent electrons. There are amazing new applications and significant performance enhancements to the digital logic of electronics, if only the up and down […]

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Objective 1: Nano-engineered surfaces for tailored electronic and optical properties

Research in Objective 1 has the common theme that surfaces of materials have the power to harm or hinder the performance of an electronic system. Through understanding the causes we will be able to control the characteristics to find exciting new science or realise a commercial function. For example, we will use the interface between […]

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