Materials For Energy Capture and Utilisation

AMN8: The Solar Revolution

Oxford Prof Henry Snaith and VUW Assoc Prof Justin Hodgkiss discuss ‘The Solar Revoluation’ to the Royal Society in Wanaka, February 2017

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AMN8: Perovskite solar cells might surpass current Silicon technology

Professor Henry Snaith, plenary speaker at AMN8 Queenstown, has a vision of how Perovskites shape the future of photovoltaic power generation. Read more Professor Snaith also spoke about Perovskites on RadioNZ. Read more Rebecca Sutton and Jesse Allardice, former Victoria University of Wellington students and now PhD students at Oxford and Cambridge, also talk about how […]

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Energy Objective 2: Sustainability

The development of metal-organic frameworks will allow us to create new materials capable of gas storage and remediation; this major international challenge will lead to high impact science and leading edge training. The 6 year science specific high-level impacts for this objective are: A platform of porous materials capable of storing methane, purifying natural gas […]

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Energy Objective 1: Solar Photovoltaics

The understanding of photovoltaics combined with the development of new materials and realisation of new fabrication technologies will allow us to contribute to this major international challenge and provide high impact results and leading edge training for our graduate students. The 6 year science specific high-level impacts for this objective are: New printable organic, quantum […]

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