Materialise: a science quest – the game

The world’s energy use is increasing dramatically. About 8% of the world’s electricity is used for computing, and that amount is growing rapidly, as we want our computers to do more for us. We need to do two things: create ways to generate more energy without damaging the environment create computers that still can run amazing […]

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Materialise: a science quest

The MacDiarmid Institute is leading a conversation about materials science and its contribution to a future New Zealand that is environmentally and economically sustainable.  As a way to broaden this conversation and include future users and creators of materials technology, we’ve created a game aimed at school students.    In this quest-style game, players meet […]

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Materialise: a sustainable future

Registrations are now closed. If you require any further information about this event email carol.wheatley@vuw.ac.nz. Play the game ‘Materialise: a science quest’ here Watch our alumni videos here

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