David Williams


Penny Brothers: Exploring surface patterning

Story by Kate Hannah Professor Penny Brothers is as proud and enthusiastic talking about her family as she is her science – her screensaver is a beautiful shot of her climbing Mt Aspiring with her son Tristan. She tells me, with some pleasure, that she’s delighted to be the incoming President of both the New […]

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Collaboration & competition in a small pool

Story by Vicki Hyde   The Lord of the Rings movies have made a lot of people want to come to New Zealand, and the MacDiarmid Institute’s PhD candidate Nihan Ayedemir confesses to being one of them. Stunning scenery aside, what really drew her to advanced polymer research at Auckland University’s Travas- Sjedic Group was […]

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Still Fun After All These Years

  For MacDiarmid Institute Principal Investigator David Williams, twenty years of taking his lab-based research to the market in various forms hasn’t dimmed the excitement of being a part of such development. “Good science leads to good technology, and if you’ve got good technology you can commercialise it,” he says. “It’s great.” It’s a familiar […]

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Distinguished Awards in 2011

  Professor Jeff Tallon was awarded the 2011 New Zealand Institute of Physics’ Dan Walls Medal. The Dan Walls medal is awarded to the physicist working in New Zealand for at least the past ten years who is deemed to have made the greatest impact, both nationally and internationally, in his/her field of research. Jeff is a […]

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A Culture of Commercialisation

In general, I see my role as being to facilitate commercialization activity in the Institute, and to build a culture of commercialisation.  I’m not going to be doing the commercialisation in the sense of starting companies and writing business plans but, hopefully, I can help put structures and networks in place to support people who want […]

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Is it possible to make money from science in New Zealand?

  “As I sail my boat in Auckland harbour and look at the skyline of the central business district I don’t see any businesses based on science,” said entrepreneur Dr Brett Wells at the recent MacDiarmid symposium. “What I see are mostly service industries. Without the big technology companies or venture capitalists, like they have […]

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Extending the OE

  When David Williams left New Zealand in the mid-1970s, he was anticipating a two-year OE and hoping for a change in direction after his PhD in electrochemistry. More than three decades later, he finally returned home in 2006 to take up a position at his alma mater, the University of Auckland, and to join the […]

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Being a PhD Student in New Zealand

  Raoul Peltier, France What degree are you doing?A PhD in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Auckland, supervised by Professors David Williams and Margaret Brimble. What is your research about?Antifreeze glycoproteins found in Antarctic fishes inhibit the growth of tiny ice crystals at cold temperatures. This allows the fish to survive in […]

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