Callaghan Innovation

Profile: Pauline Calloch, PhD Student

MESA Chairperson Brendan Darby had a chat with a couple of students at different stages of their careers.  Meet PhD student Pauline Calloch Your area of expertise is refractories. Why did you decide to focus on refractories? When I went to engineering school in France I specialised in Industrial Ceramics. I studied most ceramics, cement, […]

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Controlling their own destiny

The scientific legacy of Dr Bill Robinson is a new Institute at Victoria University Wellington bearing his name. The Robinson Research Institute is a newly-formed institute at Victoria which comprises the 25 scientists and engineers who previously formed the Superconductivity & Energy team at Callaghan Innovation (formerly IRL). This team has moved in its entirety from their previous employer to Victoria University […]

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Water for the world

Keoni Mahelona wants to ‘provide water for the world’. “If water is the next commodity, I don’t want greedy companies owning it in the future,” he says. Mahelona has experienced firsthand what water scarcity is like. “I’ve lived in the Far North and I know that families do run out of water, every summer for […]

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Jeff Tallon – Asking The Big Questions

  Jeff’s internationally renowned research focuses on high-Tc superconductors (HTS), particularly the physics and materials science of HTS – thermodynamics, magnetism, electronic transport properties, novel materials, and flux pinning. He’s been a research scientist for 46 years – working through three versions of the same government body – DSIR, IRL, and now, Callaghan Innovation. During […]

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