Bob Buckley


Stuart Wimbush: From materials to systems

Story by Ruth Beran Commercialising high temperature superconductors is what the 25 scientists and engineers at the Robinson Research Institute (RRI) do best. Formerly part of IRL, and called the Superconductivity and Energy Team, the RRI is now part of Victoria University of Wellington. The Robinson Research Institute was named after the late Dr Bill […]

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Controlling their own destiny

The scientific legacy of Dr Bill Robinson is a new Institute at Victoria University Wellington bearing his name. The Robinson Research Institute is a newly-formed institute at Victoria which comprises the 25 scientists and engineers who previously formed the Superconductivity & Energy team at Callaghan Innovation (formerly IRL). This team has moved in its entirety from their previous employer to Victoria University […]

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The Glittering Prizes

The MacDiarmid Institute is proud to be associated with the following outstanding individuals and to congratulate them on being recognised for their work. Professor Sir Paul Callaghan was awarded the prestigious international Günther Laukien prize. The prize was for his groundbreaking work on  Magnetic resonance. Nobel Laureate Richard Ernst, who chaired the prize commitee praised Sir Paul’s […]

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Awards and Prizes

Four MacDiarmid Institute Principal Investigators have been recipients of major prizes in the last six months, three receiving awards from the Royal Society of New Zealand, and one from the Groupement Ampere, a European Society for Magnetism and Magnetic Resonance.   The Royal Society of New Zealand inaugural Pickering Medal was awarded, in November 2004, to Dr Bob Buckley of Industrial Research Limited. The Pickering Medal was established by the Royal Society of New Zealand in 2003 […]

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MacDiarmid Science Goes Commercial

MacDiarmid scientists are motivated to research because of their passion for science. They spend their time in the pleasure of wondering about clusters of atoms, new chemical reaction pathways, the interaction of light with electrons, evanescent waves near surfaces and nuclear spin dynamics. But when that wondering and that science results in obvious utility, the pleasure […]

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Patent Battle Victory

  Two MacDiarmid Institute Principal Investigators, Professor Jeff Tallon and Dr Bob Buckley, are part of a team which has won a 14 year international patent battle.A patent has finally been awarded by the US Patent Office for Industrial Research’s key high-temperature superconducting ceramic discovery. This material is the only substance being used commercially in […]

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