Transition Metals with Dr Shane Telfer

Transition Metals with Dr Shane Telfer

Our principal objectives are to devise interesting molecule-based materials and develop methods for their synthesis. These materials incorporate transition metals in both structural and functional roles. We have a particular fascination with chiral assemblies and materials. At a more detailed level, our two major focal points are:

  • Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). These are MOFs are porous, crystalline materials that have emerging applications in gas sorption, separations, catalysis, and drug delivery.
  • Complexes of dipyrrin ligands. These materials strongly absorb solar energy which may subsequently be converted into an electric current (solar cells) or employed to generate useful fuels (e.g., from water or CO2).

In addition to fundamental science, our research feeds into applications such as catalysis, storage and separations, sensing, molecular electronics, and photovoltaics. On a practical level, we hope to contribute to advances in solar cells, the capture and remediation of CO2, greener industrial processes and the development of new sensing devices.


Dr Shane Telfer Dr Shane Telfer (Massey)