Teamwork facilitates a detailed pressure-induced spin crossover study

Our team around Principal Investigator Sally Brooker, Associate Investigator Geoff Jameson and Emeritus Investigator Jeff Tallon took on the challange and investigated a first row transition metal complex upon their spin states under the influence of external stimuli such as pressure and temperature. When the ligand field in octahedral d4-d7 first row transition metal complexes […]

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Thermal Memories

Story by Ruth Beran Hysteresis Many materials have memory. If a rubber band is stretched, for example, and then let go, it will be slightly larger than before it was stretched. This is called elastic hysteresis. Similarly, materials like iron can be magnetised, and will remain magnetised indefinitely, until demagnetised by heat or a magnetic […]

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The Christmas Wrap

We’ve had another big year. We welcomed two new Deputy Directors Profs David Williams (UoA) and Alison Downard (UoC) (Shaun Hendy stepping down at the end of last year and Simon Brown at mid year). We also welcomed six new Principal Investigators (Natalie Plank (VUW), Cather Simpson (UoA), John Kennedy (GNS), Duncan McGillivray (UoA), Bernd […]

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Marsden Success 2013

Four Principal Investigators of The MacDiarmid Institute have been awarded Marsden Fund grants. Congratulations to Principal Investigators Profs Sally Brooker (Otago) Alison Downard (Canterbury) and Jeff Tallon (Callaghan Innovation) and Associate Investigator Dr Franck Natali (Victoria) for their success as the lead scientists on newly awarded Marsden grants. Graphene supercapacitors: transforming energy storage solutions Professor […]

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Metallosupramolecular materials (Telfer, Brooker)

One specific focal point is synthesis and characterisation of molecules with interesting magnetic phenomena, such as spin crossover and single-molecule magnet behaviour. In work underway, we are using our expertise in macrocyclic chemistry to investigate a new approach to controlled preparation of single molecule magnets. A second focus of work in this objective is preparation and […]

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WRC Mössbauer Spectroscopy System

When the MacDiarmid Institute called for applications for this round of equipment, a new chemistry lecturer had just arrived at Otago University from Europe. Dr Guy Jameson is an expert in Mössbauer spectroscopy, a technique that chemist Professor Sally Brooker had identified as a missing link in her research programme. With the MacDiarmid funding they […]

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Sally Brooker Elected FRSNZ

The Royal Society has announced the 13 Fellows elected for 2007. The list includes MacDiarmid Institute Principal Investigator, Professor Sally Brooker of the University of Otago. Sally is well known for her research in transition metal and macrocycle chemistry. Her election brings the total number of MacDiarmid Institute PI Fellows to 10. Sally Brooker, Professor […]

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