Our Alumni


Over 850 MacDiarmid Institute alumni are now using their expertise to make amazing scientific breakthroughs, mentor students, achieve commercial success, and be business leaders. Our alumni have amazing stories to tell. We created short (90 second) videos for school students who are considering whether to continue with science, to show them some of the many […]

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Publons pair get scientific publishing moving faster

Frustrated by the glacial pace of academic research, Daniel Johnston and MacDiarmid Institute Alumnus Andrew Preston decided to propel scientific publishing into the 21st century. Everybody thinks of science as moving at a blistering pace, but it’s actually one of the most technologically challenged industries out there,” Johnston says. Preston was working as a physicist […]

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Ojas Mahapatra Appointed CEO

Dr ¬†Ojas Mahapatra, who recently finished his doctorate in Physics at University of Canterbury, has been offered the role of the CEO of a Dunedin based company Photonic Innovations Ltd. He was supervised and mentored by Prof Simon Brown in his doctoral research. Photonic Innovations Ltd is a spin-out company from University of Otago that […]

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