David Beaglehole

Metamorphosis From Academic to Businessman

  At a time in life when most people start thinking about slowing down, David Beaglehole decided to reinvent himself as a businessman. After nearly 30 years as a professor of physics at Victoria University, he could have simply retired. But he had developed a range of instruments that could measure the thickness of interfaces and surfaces to […]

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New Marsden Grants for MacDiarmid Researchers

  Three research teams from the MacDiarmid Institute gained new three-year Marsden research grants in the 2003 round out of the 12 awarded by the Physical Sciences and Engineering panel. The projects were: “Sub-wavelength optics using surface plasmons” at $255,000 per annum and led by Associate Professor Richard Blaikie, and Dr Maan Alkaisi; “Inhomogeneity and […]

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