Structural properties of materials at the nanoscale (Reeves, Gaston)

The difference between trapping by tunnelling through the bandgap barriers and trapping at defect sites will be investigated. The results will contribute to understanding charge transport properties in wide-band gap optical materials. Our theoretical insight will also be applied to calculate the structures of metallic systems from first-principles, developing new techniques that enable us to go beyond the usual techniques such as density functional theory. Flexible thermoelectric fabric composed of thin carbon nanotube/polymer films (with charge carriers of different sign) that generates a thermoelectric voltage in the presence of a temperature difference.  The total output voltage is proportional to the number of film pairs in the stack (top right). C.A. Hewitt, A.B. Kaiser, S. Roth. M. Craps, R. Czerw and D.L. Carroll (Appl. Phys. Lett. 98, 183110, 2011).