Physics Teachers’ Resource Bank

Physics Teachers’ Resource Bank

New Zealand Physics Teachers’ Resource Bank is where you will find lots of ideas for physics classroom demonstrations and activities specifically designed for the New Zealand physics and science curriculum from secondary school to university.

Our History

The New Zealand Physics Teachers’ Resource Bank has been supporting New Zealand physics and science teachers since 2004. All of our materials are developed together with the best experts on secondary teaching: the secondary teachers themselves. Nearly all of our resources support the NCEA curriculum directly or indirectly.

Our Unique Approach

One of the biggest difficulties with teaching science in New Zealand is that many of our students see science as something that is done by other people in other places. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact New Zealand is a physics powerhouse per capita. Our unique approach seeks to dispel this myth while supporting teachers. We do not have scientists showing physics to the school students. Instead, our resources feature New Zealand university and secondary school students doing and obviously enjoying physics. The secondary school students and New Zealand University students explain the physics to other New Zealand students!

Input from Teachers

Many of our demonstrations and activities come from teachers and we are very happy to work with you to add your ideas to the resource bank.

Visits to Schools

We are usually available to visit Wellington-area schools on short notice to do demonstrations and classroom activities. We have several standard physics shows that we do but we can also customize our presentations. With more notice it is possible for us to travel to other parts of New Zealand, particularly if we can visit several schools in one area. We do not charge for such visits. Contact us for details.


Primary contact for the resource bank: John Hannah – Victoria University School of Chemical and Physical Sciences Primary contact for the te reo Maori physics project: Liz Richardson – Deputy Dean (Equity), Faculty of Science Physics Teachers’ Resource Bank