The MacDiarmid Emerging Scientists Association (MESA) was formed in 2010 to expand the opportunities available to MacDiarmid Institute PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. It works to improve networking among them and establish a sense of community.

MESA provides a valuable role in the management structure of the MacDiarmid Institute, acting as a hub for our emerging scientists. MESA was an initiative of our emerging scientist cohort and is a representative grouping encompassing all PhD and PDFs supervised by MacDiarmid Institute Investigators. MESA actively initiates and delivers a range of workshops and seminars, creates and delivers on outreach opportunities and networking, and works with the Director and Deputy Directors to help deliver on initiatives such as the new Industry Internships and the commercial scoping projects. The Chair of the MESA Committee is a member of the Science Executive; this together with the formal structure and function that MESA have adopted, offers an outstanding avenue for developing leadership throughout our membership.


Contact us and get involved

MESA encourages all PhD students and postdoctoral researchers within the MacDiarmid Institute to participate with the many technical workshops and networking events organized throughout the year. There are many ways to get involved and see what events are coming up. Follow us on social media or contact us through email to get started.


Facebook: Mesa MacDiarmid

Twitter: MESAMacDiarmid


Science of Surfaces Bootcamp
In 2018, 30 MacDiarmid Institute students – chemists and physicists – met up in Wanaka to discuss the science of surfaces, a key concept when working with nanomaterials of any type. Professor Shane Telfer, Dr Colin Doyle, and Dr Shen Chong, presented their expertise on the topic. Informal breaks included group hikes up Mt. Iron and around Lake Wanaka. Formal talks and informal activities gave the opportunity to engage and collaborate with students from other MacDiarmid Institute labs around the country, and led to new collaborations, equipment sharing, and general advice sessions.