Objective 1: Synthesis and Assembly

The first objective in our Functional nanostructures science area “Synthesis and Assembly”, is directed at making the basic functional units then assembling these into the hierarchically-organised multi-functional product. This objective requires research on the assembly of macromolecules, both natural and synthetic, and the way in which such assemblies can organise smaller molecules that carry the desired functions. It also requires synthetic chemistry to provide new molecules that have the required magnetic, electrical or optical properties, and molecules that will control the way in which crystals grow and systems assemble.


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Bridging The Gap

‘Big, brave ideas’ inspired by biology are helping New Zealand advance towards a science-based economy.  Professor Juliet Gerrard is leading the MacDiarmid Institute’s work on Functional Nanostructures. The Director of the Biomolecular Interaction Centre at Canterbury University, she says it provides a bridge between the physical sciences for which the Institute is known and biology […]