Minister Joyce visits the MacDiarmid Institute in Wellington

Minister Joyce visits the MacDiarmid Institute in Wellington

This week we hosted Minister Joyce for the first time.  During his visit we introduced him to the range of activities that we undertake. In particular we provided the Minister with evidenced of our significant nation-wide collaboration network that has grown significantly over the 10 years since our establishment.  Our connectivity extends across all our Partners and is now richly diverse and highly branched providing significant evidence that the MacDiarmid Institute has and continues, to create opportunities and bridges between institutions and to allow New Zealand to truly achieve critical mass and the best use of resources (see Interface 20 for more details).  When this is considered in conjunction with our increasing international recognition in science leadership, as evidenced through impact factors, and our growing ability to compete with the likes of MIT, it is clear that the MacDiarmid Institute ensures that New Zealand has the capacity, depth and breadth of scientific expertise and generation to deliver upon its desired future prosperity.

Left to Right: Professor John Spencer, Associate Investigator and Head of School, Chemical and Physical Sciences, VUW, Geoff Todd, Board Member and CEO VicLink, Professor Shaun Hendy, Deputy Director, Minister Joyce, Dr Anne Bennett, Commercialisation Coordinator, Professor Kathryn McGrath, Director, Professor Pat Walsh, Vice Chancellor, VUW and Professor David Bibby, Board Member and Pro-Vice Chancellor, VUW.

Our innovative approach to early stage identification of commercialisation opportunities utilising our students and Postdoctoral Fellows was also highlighted.  We are leading the way in this style of approach and its value has been recognised by VUW who plan to adopt our methods and apply it across the university.

The Minister visited two of our research laboratories meeting our Investigators, students and Postdoctoral Fellows.  Professor Michael Kelly, University of Cambridge, and a member of our International Advisory Board, currently on sabbatical with us, also meet with the Minister, providing a strong international perspective on the standing of the MacDiarmid Institute.
See for the Minister’s tweets on his visit.

Minister Joyce with Principal Investigator Justin Hodgkiss (left) and Justin’s PhD student Alex Barker (right) in the laser laboratory.

Left to Right: Professor Pat Walsh, Kate, Minister Joyce and Professor Michael Kelly.

Minister Joyce with PhD student Ben Wylie van Eerd in the Raman Spectroscopy laboratory, Ben works with Principal Investigator Joe Trodahl


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