MESA Chair Wins Chiasma Prize

Cosmin Laslau“My proposal to commercialise a scanned nanopipette system, a prototype of which I built during the course of my PhD research, won the special $2000 Chiasma prize. This is given out for the best research idea with potential biotech applications, as awarded by the University of Auckland’s Spark Entrepreneurship Ideas Challenge.

“I was greatly assisted by Dr. Anne Barnett, who is involved with this project through the MacDiarmid Commercialisation Programme; also on the team were Prof. David E. Williams, Prof. Jadranka Travas-Sejdic and Mike Nelson. Some information about the technology can be found at the placeholder website”

“We now plan to enter the Spark $100K challenge, and also pitch the idea before the Return on Science committee, for funding to enable us to develop a customer-ready prototype.”

“Another MacDiarmid-affiliated winner that night was Anupama Rao Gulur Srinivas, who together with Nathan March put together a proposal for DNA sensors based on conducting polymers and magnetic nanoparticles. They won a $1000 prize in the commercial category of the Spark Entrepreneurship Ideas Challenge; they too are with the research groups of Prof. Travas-Sejdic and Prof. Williams.”

– Cosmin Laslau



Spark: The University of Auckland Entreprenurship Challenge
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