Dr Grant Williams

Principal Investigator

Phone: 04 463 5544

Postal Address:

School of Chemical & Physical Sciences
Victoria University of Wellington
PO Box 600
Wellington 6140

  Grant Williams is a Professorial Research Fellow at Victoria University. He is currently involved in a number of research programmes that include the study of new materials for magnetic sensors, optical materials and methods for radiation detection, high temperature superconductivity, topological insulators,and linear and nonlinear optics. He is co-author on 233 publications and his research programmes span fundamental physics to applied research for New Zealand companies. In 2014 Dr Williams became a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to science.Grant Williams MNZM  



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Pitch on a Peak – NZ tech investments

New Zealand hosted a major event in the technology investment world this month, with the Asian Business Angels Forum 2015 taking place in Queenstown (October 14-16). The forum drew over 150 angel investors from around the world. A centrepiece was ‘Pitch on a Peak’ – a showcase of NZ tech investment opportunities ranging from early […]

Optoelectronic properties of nanoscale and advanced materials (Ruck, Trodahl, Reeves, LeRu, Metson, Williams)

Several members of the rare-earth nitride series are known to be magnetic semiconductors, and we will measure their electrical conductivity and photoconductivity at room temperature and in their low-temperature magnetic phase. The results will be interpreted in terms of modern band structure calculations, and in terms of models of the crystalline defects in the materials. […]

Superconducting and spin-dependent properties of novel materials (Tallon, Williams, Trodahl, Ruck)

We have a high-profile programme investigating high-temperature superconductors (HTS) and related materials. We focus on achieving a thermodynamic understanding of HTS by determining the pressure-, temperature-, doping- and ion-size-dependence of all the important energy and length scales pertinent to superconductivity using NMR, specific heat, Raman and muon spin relaxation. We also continue the search for […]

International workshop strengthens and expands collaboration

  Thanks to generous two year funding from the inaugural France/New Zealand Dumont d’Urville Science and Technology support programme, a successful workshop has been held at the Universite de Provence over the week of 26th to 29th June. The workshop brought together four MacDiarmid Institute PIs (Joe Trodahl, Tony Bittar, Grant Williams and Ben Ruck) and a student from the Wellington group (Simon Granville) and fi fteen […]

Secrets of Superconductors

  They say “nothing is perfect” but, as with any rule, there are always exceptions! Superconductors are the world’s only perfect conductors of electricity, a phenomenon which means they have great potential for use in a wide variety of applications. But despite being discovered nearly 100 years ago, a number of mysteries still surround them. Now Dr […]

New Marsden Grants for MacDiarmid Researchers

  Three research teams from the MacDiarmid Institute gained new three-year Marsden research grants in the 2003 round out of the 12 awarded by the Physical Sciences and Engineering panel. The projects were: “Sub-wavelength optics using surface plasmons” at $255,000 per annum and led by Associate Professor Richard Blaikie, and Dr Maan Alkaisi; “Inhomogeneity and […]

Czeching Out Progress in Glasses – (Theme II: Glasses and Glass-Ceramics)

  Last September, I attended the “13th International Symposium on Non-Oxide and Novel Optical Glasses” which was held in Pardubice in the Czech Republic. The conference name is quite a mouthful so it is usually abbreviated to IS(NOG)^2. The intention in the lengthy name is to distinguish the the work presented at this conference, which is […]