Dr Craig Rofe

Principal Investigator

I have always been interested in physics as a way to explain the deep workings of the world and was given an amazing opportunity in working alongside Sir Paul Callaghan as his PhD student. He would always comment that he envied how I had Māori whakapapa and wished he was part of this rich connection to Aotearoa. I thought at the time that this was ironic given that I revered him for his connection with a knowledge system that had made him so well known throughout the world. I now, however, understand his ideas and find myself living and researching in the field of Mātauranga Māori (Māori knowledge) and education. I would like all New Zealanders to value our unique culture that connects our people to this whenua (land).
The MacDiamid institute has given me support in engaging students and community with both science and Māori knowledge


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