Professor Kathryn McGrath

Kate McGrath

Professor Kathryn McGrath

Emeritus Investigator

Phone: 04 463 5963

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School of Chemical and Physical Sciences
Victoria University of Wellington
PO Box 600
Wellington 6140

Kate completed her BSc(Hons) degree in Chemistry at the University of Canterbury, before moving to The Australian National University (Department of Applied Mathematics), Canberra, Australia where she obtained her PhD.  After finishing her PhD Kate took up a post-doctoral position in Paris at L’Université de Pierre et Marie Curie – Paris VI (Laboratoire de Mineralogie et Cristallographie), with Maurice Kléman.  During her second post-doctoral fellowship, Kate worked with Sol Gruner in the Physics Department at Princeton University, Princeton.  Kate’s first lecturing position was in the Department of Chemistry, University of Otago, where she stayed for six years, completing a PGDipCom in Finance in her spare time.  In January 2004 she moved to Victoria University of Wellington.  In 2011 Kate was promoted to Professor and became the Director of the MacDiarmid Institute.  Kate’s research has been recognised by the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry (2003 Easterfield Medal) and the New Zealand Association of Scientists (2007 Research Medal).  In 2013 Kate was awarded the Wellington Gold Inspire Wellington Award. Kate is currently Chair of the association of Centres of Research Excellence.  


Research Interests

Molecular Self-assembly, Complex Fluids and Hierarchical Solid Formation. Many materials consist of molecules interacting with each other via weak interactions only and are often formed by a process called self-assembly.  Furthermore, depending on what length scale or time scale is investigated different effects and/or structure is evident.  These materials are examples of hierarchical materials, our bones, cellular membranes and emulsions are examples or such materials.  In our group we are working to understand the fundamental behaviour of such materials so that we are able to make new materials with advanced physical, chemical and mechanical characteristics.  

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This op-ed by The MacDiarmid Institute’s Director Professor Kate McGrath, originally appeared in The Dominion Post and The Press on Monday 1st June 2015.  Success rates of less than 10 percent for competitive government funding programmes are becoming commonplace in New Zealand. Sometimes these plummet as low as 5 percent. This is a matter of […]


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Editorial By Professor Kate McGrath

There is a lot I could focus on in this editorial; the enormous success of our 7th International conference, AMN7, thanks to the hard work of Shane Telfer and his team; the calibre of our speakers at the conference with topics from threads of electric charge to creating complex molecular architectures as MOFs; and the […]


Outreach – Institute Investigators visit Nelson College for Girls

While in Nelson for AMN-7 the MacDiarmid Institute’s seventh international conference for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, three of the Institute’s Investigators visited Nelson College for Girls to share with the Year 12 and 13 students their passion and enthusiasm for science. Senior science students from Nelson College for Boys also attended the presentations.   Fibonacci [...]

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The MacDiarmid Institute had four investigators placed as finalists in the Science and Innovation category of Westpac’s Women of Influence Awards for 2014.

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Kōrero with scientists

A scheme to make it possible for primary teachers to Kōrero  (converse) with scientists is being developed by The MacDiarmid Institute. In two-hour interactive workshops, teachers explore basic concepts (like magnets, light, acids and bases) with scientists as well as hearing about areas of specialist research. “Interacting with scientists is a rare experience for many teachers, but you see them getting […]


Biominerals to bones

Anybody in need of joint replacement surgery will appreciate the options modern medicine provides, but if Kate McGrath has her way, future patients won’t require any screws or other metal parts in their new hips or knees. The director of the MacDiarmid Institute and her research team are borrowing ideas from nature to develop innovative […]