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Searching for high temperature superconductors

Superconductors already have various applications (electromagnets, digital circuits, particle detectors) but would be even more usefull if they operated at higher temperatures. They would be a revolution to power grids and how power is generated and distributed around the world. And they would make all other current applications cheaper and safer. Ben Mallett, research fellow at the University of […]


Chiasma Launched in Wellington

The launch featured talks from former Ministry of Research, Science and Technology Chief Executive Dr. Helen Anderson (pictured above) and Magritek CEO Dr. Andrew Coy, as well as Chiasma WGTN CEO, Ben Mallett. “It’s a great initiative” said MacDiarmid Institute Director Professor Kathryn McGrath, who was present at the launch.  “The event was very well […]

Career Options Through Chiasma

    If you would like to see evidence of the MESA effect, you need look no further than Chiasma WGTN, an organisation that connects students with high-tech companies, and provides them with a greater range of options at the end of their studies. Founders Ben Mallett and myself, Elf Eldrige were both members of […]