Dr John Kennedy

Principal Investigator

Dr. John Kennedy is a Principal Scientist, Team Leader, Ion Beam Physics and Nanotechnology at National Isotope Centre, GNS Science. Dr. Kennedy is a materials scientist focussed on condensed matter research and nuclear instrumentation and has pursued wide range of research projects related to application of ion implantation and ion beam analysis technique for characterising thin films, nanotechnology, advanced materials, biology, environmental and agricultural samples. He is currently investigating metal and metal oxide nanoparticle growth and their structural, electrical, optical and magnetic properties, metallic nanoclusters and multiferroics nanostructures. He has published more than 200 journal papers demonstrating ion implantation into polymers, semiconductors, superconductors, nanostructures and 20 international patent applications. John’ interest in applying his materials science to industrial projects has led him to be leader in the Product Accelerator, Inductive Power Transfer and Titanium Technologies of New Zealand.


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We’ve had another big year. We welcomed two new Deputy Directors Profs David Williams (UoA) and Alison Downard (UoC) (Shaun Hendy stepping down at the end of last year and Simon Brown at mid year). We also welcomed six new Principal Investigators (Natalie Plank (VUW), Cather Simpson (UoA), John Kennedy (GNS), Duncan McGillivray (UoA), Bernd […]


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Congratulations to the following MacDiarmid Institute Investigators named on awarded MSI grants, in no particular order:   New Cathodes, $964,050 over 2 years: Simon Hall (Lead Scientist, MU) Magnetic Devices, $3.9 m over 4 years: John Kennedy (Co-Lead Scientist, GNS) and Simon Granville (IRL) [Grant co-lead with Nick Long, IRL] Laser Micromachining, $7.8 m over […]

A Material World

John Kennedy is the father of two daughters, aged nine and five, and because I am ringing on the weekend, their cheerful voices can be heard throughout our conversation.
“I told them I had an appointment, but they still want me to play with them,” he says, laughing. Kennedy moved to New Zealand in 2001, and […]