Professor Simon Hall

Emeritus Investigator

Phone: 06 356 9099 x84653

Postal Address:

IFS-Chemistry & Biophysics
Massey University
Private Bag 11 222
Palmerston North 4442

Simon Hall is an electrochemist whose research focuses on energy storage applications. His research on a rechargeable zinc electrode with his then PhD student Michael Liu led to the formation of the spin-out companies Anzode Inc. (USA) and Anzode (NZ) Ltd in 2003. Simon took a leave of absence from Massey University for 4 years to work as the Chief Science Officer for Anzode. In 2011 he initiated the formation of a further spin-out company Synthodics Ltd. Together with Dr Mark Waterland (MacDiarmid AI), Dr Gareth Rowlands and MacDiarmid Institute-funded PhD students Kelsey Mortensen and Ryan Ennis he is working on developing new energy storage materials. Simon was awarded the NZIC Fonterra Prize for Excellence in Industrial & Applied Chemistry in 2008 and the Bayer Innovators Award for Research & Development in 2010. He was elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2010. He is Head of Chemistry and Biophysics in the Institute of Fundamental Sciences at Massey University.  



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Our new Emeritus Investigators

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Million Dollar Boost

Hands up if you think it’s high time someone came up with a battery that’s cheaper and more sustainable than the ones you can currently buy? A research team at Massey University has been awarded nearly $1 million to do just that. SOURCE: Further Reading: Long Life In Battery Development Futher Reading: Simon Hall: […]


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MacDiarmid Investigators success with MSI bids

Congratulations to the following MacDiarmid Institute Investigators named on awarded MSI grants, in no particular order:   New Cathodes, $964,050 over 2 years: Simon Hall (Lead Scientist, MU) Magnetic Devices, $3.9 m over 4 years: John Kennedy (Co-Lead Scientist, GNS) and Simon Granville (IRL) [Grant co-lead with Nick Long, IRL] Laser Micromachining, $7.8 m over […]


Building collaborations and partnerships and defining our future

The Forum is a partnership between the MacDiarmid Institute, Victoria University of Wellington, the Royal Society of New Zealand and Te Aitanga a Hauiti iwi and the East Coast community of Tolaga Bay. Sir Paul Callaghan conceived the idea of the Forum and drove it. He envisioned an event in which collectively we considered New […]


Electrochemistry Bootcamp

Professor David Williams introduced the theory and fundamentals, which was complemented by lectures on batteries by Professor Simon Hall and lectures on nanotechnology and sensors by Professor Alison Downard. This provided a good mix of theory and applications, and the challenging lectures were enjoyed by all. Camp-style lodging and delicious food was provided by MESA […]

Functionalised surfaces (Travas-Sejdic, Downard, Hall, Williams(D))

Our work focuses in three areas: i) Optimisation of new approaches for grafting nanoscale organic layers on conducting and non-conducting surfaces and development of methods for patterning the layers and exploiting their reactivity. The approach under study relies on the generation of radicals which attack and bind to the substrate, resulting in strong and stable […]

Simon Hall – Passive Student, Active Scientist

  Simon Hall, specialist in the use of electrochemistry for energy storage applications at Massey University, describes himself as having been a “passive student.” He was born into a family that valued science, with his father having completed a chemistry MSc at Victoria University a few years behind Alan MacDiarmid. Simon’s father worked in industry […]

Chance Only Favours the Prepared Mind

Looking back at eleven years of the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology   “When you’ve got the equipment, the expertise, and the space to think about problems in a different way, the research almost tells its own story.”   Popular culture delights in the concept of scientific serendipity: Alexander Fleming discovering penicillin after […]

Long Life In Battery Development

  The humble battery may seem a bit prosaic for an organisation called the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, but research into battery technology, and the underlying science, has been a part of the MacDiarmid Institute since its founding. Before it’s founding, in fact, as Alan MacDiarmid himself gained a Nobel Prize in […]

A Culture of Commercialisation

In general, I see my role as being to facilitate commercialization activity in the Institute, and to build a culture of commercialisation.  I’m not going to be doing the commercialisation in the sense of starting companies and writing business plans but, hopefully, I can help put structures and networks in place to support people who want […]

New Company Registered

Synthodics Ltd was registered on 17 June 2011. This new spin-out company was formed to commercialise intellectual property arising from a research programme at Massey University led by Simon Hall. Since September 2009, Simon had been working withhis colleagues, Mark Waterland (MacDiarmid Institute Associate Investigator) and Gareth Rowlands, on some new concepts for use in […]

Battery Breakthrough Lasts Longer

  Longer lasting, better performing batteries that can be recharged more frequently than those currently in use are about to become a reality thanks to the persistence of two electrochemists at Massey University. Dr Simon Hall, a chemist at the MacDiarmid Institute, and his former student Dr Michael Liu are among a small group of only about […]

MacDiarmid Science Goes Commercial

MacDiarmid scientists are motivated to research because of their passion for science. They spend their time in the pleasure of wondering about clusters of atoms, new chemical reaction pathways, the interaction of light with electrons, evanescent waves near surfaces and nuclear spin dynamics. But when that wondering and that science results in obvious utility, the pleasure […]