Associate Professor Vladimir Golovko

Vladimir Golovko

Associate Professor Vladimir Golovko

Associate Investigator

Phone: 03 364 2442

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Department of Chemistry
University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
Christchurch 8140

golovkoDr Vladimir Golovko is a associate Professor at the Department of Chemistry, University of Canterbury (UC), Christchurch, NZ. His research is focused on precisely fabricated nanostructured materials for applications in heterogeneous catalysis. He joined UC from Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, UK, where he did his PhD in Organometallic Chemistry and was then a Postdoctoral Research Associate with Professor B F G Johnson, FRS. A native of Ukraine, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree from the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and a Degree of Specialist from the National Taras Shevchenko University of Kiev.


Research Interests

Vladimir’s research interests include synthesis of atomically precise metal clusters, metal and metal oxide nanoparticles using solution-based methodology, with focus on control over morphology and chemical structure. Detailed characterisation of the mentioned above nanomaterials using variety of complementary techniques for better understanding of their nature. Use of nanoparticles as catalysts in fabrication of nanostructured materials (CNTs, ZnO etc.) and chemical, photo-  and electro-catalytic processes under mild, environmentally friendly conditions (solvent-free, selective transformations involving renewable chemical feedstocks). Controlled fabrication of advanced coatings and sensors using well-defined nanoparticles as key ingredients. Study of bio-molecule functionalized nanoparticles of metals and metal oxides and their interaction with biologically important objects.

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