Dr Renee Goreham

Dr Renee Goreham

Associate Investigator

Renee’s research niche focuses on the characterisation and synthesis of nanomaterials for biomedical application. For example, the synthesis of ultra-small metal nanoclusters for improved medical imaging or using nano-vesicles released by living cells for detection of disease or as a safe drug delivery system.


Associated Content

Micronutrient profiling of human breast-milk derived exosomes

Frontiers in Genetics paper about studying exosomes derived from human breast milk from MacDiarmid alumni and VUW lecturer Dr Renee Goreham and MacDiarmid PI Professor Thomas Nann. https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fgene.2018.00092/full More info: A collaborative review article on exosomes found in breastmilk, paying particular attention to the proteomics and biochemistry. This review was motivated by the research interests […]

The MacDiarmid Institute faciliates the New Zealand nano-revolution

Director of the MacDiarmid Institute, Professor Thomas Nann, associate Professor Justin Hodgkiss, and post-doctoral fellow Dr Renee Goreham give an overview over the MacDiarmid Institute’s research activities. Read more