Dr Ian Brown

Emeritus Investigator

Phone: 04 931 3173

Postal Address:

Callaghan Innovation
PO Box 31 310
Lower Hutt 5040

Ian Brown’s research spans over thirty years in materials science encompassing glass and ceramics, minerals, nanomaterials, hydrogen materials research and titanium metallurgy.  After completing his PhD in glass science at Victoria University in 1974, Ian worked for 5 years in the Pilkington Bros UK (Glassmakers) laboratories in Lancashire, learning many practical skills in glass science and technology, as well as the practicalities and politics of technology transfer.

In his role as Manager of the Advanced Materials Group at Callaghan Innovation, he is constantly seeking new materials solutions for New Zealand industry.  Ian and his team have innovated new nanoscaled ceramic membranes for hydrogen gas purification, while continuing to develop high value materials processes and products in partnership with the advanced ceramics, cements and titanium manufacturing industries.  Ian currently leads two major MBIE funded programmes: ‘High Performance Cements for Extreme Environments’ and the ‘New Zealand Titanium Technologies Platform’.



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Commitment and Collegiality

These plans will be the basis for a joint meeting between the Board and the Science Executive at the end of July. They define what we are doing now and what we intend to do, forming the basis for our rebidding proposal. The meeting was great and showed to me yet again how amazing the […]

Advanced Materials for Energy and Industry (Brown(I), Kemmitt, MacKenzie)

The research will design and develop new inorganic nano- and microstructures in ceramic and metal hybrid materials through precise control of chemical and electrochemical fabrication techniques.  This will provide new materials to benefit New Zealand’s ceramic export industry and will provide new approaches to the use of renewable energy resources, notably hydrogen and solar. In […]

Nanostructured Materials for Applications in Catalysis (Golovko, Kemmitt, Brown(I), Johnston, Tilley, Telfer and others)

The chemical reactivity of the nano-structured catalysts will be explored with a focus on revealing structure-property relationships, particularly on how size, chemical composition and morphology of the nanoparticles affect their performance as catalysts. Their catalytic activity and selectivity will be investigated in relation to partial, selective oxidation under benign conditions, photocatalytic degradation of pollutants and […]


Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

About the Instrument: The mass spectrometer makes high sensitivity measurements of the composition and relative amounts of gases released in chemical reactions. It works by sucking tiny volumes of gas through a fine glass capillary from the reaction flask into a vacuum chamber where gas particles are spread out according to their mass and detected. […]

A Cleaner Energy Source

  Amidst international discussions about how the world should adapt to and deal with global climate change, one of New Zealand’s leading material scientists is at the forefront of what could become the basis for a cleaner energy source and a new economy. Ian Brown, a research scientist at Industrial Research Ltd and one of the MacDiarmid Institute’s […]