The MacDiarmid Institute was built around the concepts of collaboration and research excellence. This edition of Interface highlights some of the amazing new collaborations that are happening, not just within the MacDiarmid Institute but, most importantly, because of the MacDiarmid Institute. Research programmes are being initiated within New Zealand, across institutional and disciplinary borders and, maybe most notably, between people who are just down the corridor from each other.

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Table of contents

  • Collaborating On A (Very) Small Scale
  • Looking in to the Middle Ground
  • Post Doctoral Fellows
  • Connections On The Human Scale
  • Westmount High – Learning Nanotechnology from the Experts
  • Career Options Through Chiasma
  • Collaborating On A (Very) Small Scale

        Casual conversations over conference tea-cups, chance meetings in stairwells, idle flicking through a journal – these may not sound like the stuff of which scientific endeavours are made, but they can provide a surprisingly significant role in the development of research projects and collaborations that span an organisation, a city, sometimes even the […]

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    Looking in to the Middle Ground

    When someone says they are studying soft materials, you may think of cuddly toys or velvet cushions, but to MacDiarmid researchers it means the long chains of molecules that make up cellulose fibres, dairy-based casein micelles and protein filaments in hair or food. These biomaterials form an intermediary hierarchy between the atomic and single molecule […]

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    Post Doctoral Fellows

      The MacDiarmid Institute currently supports 13 Post Doctoral Fellowships, allowing early career scientists to focus on developing their research with the support and collaboration of some of the top researchers in New Zealand. Three of these Post Doctoral Fellows are profiled here. Suresh Narayanaswamy IRL, Gracefield, Wellington ( PhD in Shock wave research 2002 […]

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    Connections On The Human Scale

      One of the Centres of Research Excellence raison d’etres is public science communication, or outreach, as it’s called these days.  Significantly, CoRE policy is managed by the Ministry of Education, part of the super-Ministryof Business, Innovation and Employment, rather than the Ministry of Science. Has this new organizational model resulted in bigger and better […]

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    Westmount High – Learning Nanotechnology from the Experts

    On 7th September, the Victoria University arm of the MacDiarmid Institute played host to 20 high-school science students. While outreach events typically bring hundreds of students per year to the Institute and its partner organizations for a dose of basic physics and chemistry, this one was a little different. These students, year 12s (that’s 15 […]

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    Career Options Through Chiasma

        If you would like to see evidence of the MESA effect, you need look no further than Chiasma WGTN, an organisation that connects students with high-tech companies, and provides them with a greater range of options at the end of their studies. Founders Ben Mallett and myself, Elf Eldrige were both members of […]

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