The MacDiarmid Institute Discovery Awards


The first five Discovery Awards pupils, Ben Jones, Kate Tartawhiti, Nikita Hunia, PJ Campbell and Jardin Rose, along with teachers and members of their families, were welcomed to the programme in December.

Three of the pupils will be placed at the University of Canterbury and two at Victoria University of Wellington. These are pupils with Maori/Pacifi c heritage who will spend some of their summer working alongside MacDiarmid researchers before attending two days of the AMN-4 conference in Dunedin in February.

Richard Blaikie presented the fi rst awards and spoke to the pupils about the Institute and what we stand for. The group later enjoyed being shown around some of the facilities in the School of Chemical and Physical Sciences at Victoria University of Wellington.

Participating researchers, Steve Durbin, Alison Downard, Roger Reeves, Richard Blaikie, Ben Ruck and Kate McGrath have planned stimulating programmes for the pupils who are sure to spread a good-news story about science to their colleagues and classmates when they return to school.

The awards project is the combined effort of Liz Richardson, Hemi Inia and Margaret Brown.

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