New Marsden Grants for MacDiarmid Researchers


Three research teams from the MacDiarmid Institute gained new three-year Marsden research grants in the 2003 round out of the 12 awarded by the Physical Sciences and Engineering panel. The projects were:

“Sub-wavelength optics using surface plasmons” at $255,000 per annum and led by Associate Professor Richard Blaikie, and Dr Maan Alkaisi;

“Inhomogeneity and high temperature superconductors”, at $200,000 per annum, led by Professor Jeffery Tallon, and Dr Grant Williams, IRL, with associate investigators including Dr Pablo Etchegoin;

“Rheo-NMR, Rheo-optics and complex soft matter” at $240,000 per annum and led by Professor Paul Callaghan and Dr Yacine Hemar, with associate investigators Dr Kate McGrath and Professor David Beaglehole.

These Marsden grants provide important new funding for the Themes I, II and IV respectively as well as a useful benchmark for the quality of our research programmes.