Local Science – International Impacts – Quantum Dots

Dr Richard Tilley from the MacDiarmid Institute at Victoria University has received a grant of $1.2m from the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology through their International Investment Opportunities Fund. Other key collaborators are Professor Kenji Yamamato of the International Medical Centre of Japan, Dr Thomas Bäckström from the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research and Institute principal investigator Dr Shaun Hendy The work will enable researchers to develop new ways of treating various diseases, such as cancer. Quantum dots, that are made up of about 1000 atoms, would have drugs molecules attached to them then injected into the bloodstream. They would stick to a cancer when it is detected and deliver a drug treatment. “They will even be able to look at tumours very precisely at the cellular level to determine what type of cancer”, said Richard.

The Electron Microscopes were purchased using MacDiarmid Institute capital funding. Housed at Victoria University these items of  precision scientific measurement make Richard’s groundbreaking work possible. He manages the microscope laboratory which holds these two instruments capable of magnifying up to a million times.