Korea – New Zealand AMN-3 Satellite Meeting


The high international profile created by the MacDiarmid Institute’s Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology conferences means that it has been possible for researchers with interests in certain key areas, such as the Nano- and Bionano-Technology to meet together as part of the larger conference, and to host the International Conference on Quantum Transport and Quantum Functional Semiconductors.

Thus NBT-QT 2007 was held in Wellington in the week prior to AMN-3 from 8-10 February 2007. The meeting also incorporated New Zealand-Korea Bilateral Symposium on Nano- and Bionano-Technology and the International Workshop of the Nano-Systems Institute at Seoul National University.

The talks were held in Old Government Buildings, part of Victoria University’s campus in the political heart of the city. Wellington, in a rare mood of benevolence, treated its visitors to a spell of unusually benign weather. In total, over the 3 days of the symposium we had approximately 70 delegates, including many New Zealand research students, the majority of whom presented post­ers. We had 21 delegates from Korea, comprising 16 speakers and 5 research students. In addition, talks were given by scientists from New Zealand (20), Sweden (3), Germany (3), the United States (2), Australia (1), Japan (1), and the Netherlands (1). Despite the long distances many delegates had to travel to attend, all 47 speakers listed in the conference programme arrived without missed connections to give their talks.

The talks by overseas delegates were interleaved with those by New Zealand speakers on similar topics to maximize interactions, and the relatively small lecture theatres used (particularly on the second and third days) encouraged many useful discussions after the talks. On the last day it was difficult to get participants out of the building before the doors locked automatically at 6 pm, 40 minutes after the scheduled end of the meeting! The feedback we received from both the international and local delegates was overwhelmingly positive. The AMN conferences are held every two years and the Nano- and Bionano-Technology group looks forward to the next one to be held in Dunedin in 2009.

The Symposium was followed by a pleasant evening Reception held in the lovely gardens of Government House on Tuesday the 13th of February, where members of the Korean Delegation and the Korean Ambassador, met the Governor General, The Honourable Anand Satyanand, PCNZM. Dr Michael Cullen gave a speech at the reception honouring the special scientific relationship between Korean and New Zealand, particularly in the area of nanotechnology and advanced materials.

The principal organizer from the Korean side was Professor Yung Woo Park of the Nano Systems Institute at Seoul National University. Those involved in NZ were Dr Shaun Hendy (Industrial Research Ltd), Prof Alan Kaiser (Victoria University of Wellington), Dr Maan Alkaisi (NZ Bionanotechnology Network coordinator, University of Canterbury), Dr Richard Tilley (Victoria University of Wellington), Dr Ulrich Zuelicke (Massey University) and Assoc Professor Keith Gordon (University of Otago), all of whom are Principal Investigators in the MacDiarmid Institute.