Joe’s Birthday Bash


A special symposium entitled A Brief History of VUW Condensed Matter Physics was organised to mark Joe Trodahl’s approaching 70th birthday by Franck Natali, Ben Ruck and Natalie Plank, and on 9 December 2011 family and friends gathered to pay tribute to his long, productive and still extremely active, research career.

The physicists took the time to look back at the history of condensed matter physics at VUW and to recall the working life of Em Prof Joe Trodahl. The event was opened by Prof David Bibby, followed by a number of speakers; Denis Sullivan, Bob Buckley, Ben Ruck, Daya Rathnayaka, Ben Wylie, Franck Natali and Pablo Etchegoin before wrapping up with Kate McGrath. There was also 10 excellent poster presentations from the current students, with Walter Somerville taking the prize, and three personal messages from Joe’s former students Andrew Preston, Annette Koo and Ocean Mercier. Of course, Joe was permitted the final word.