Imagination is a curious thing

Professor Kate McGrathIn our minds what we have created is very real, and yet it is not tangible—you cannot hold it or show it to someone else—but you can describe it and share it; and in doing so, sometimes you have the capacity to generate something that is ultimately real. We have just been given the opportunity and resources to do exactly that. To take what is in our imagination and realise it in the form of scientific research that will deliver outcomes that will quite literally change the world. Realise it: by providing a learning environment for our emerging scientists in which we will work with them as they develop the skills, gain the knowledge and foster the ambition to create and define the next level of impact that they will deliver, for themselves and for their communities, through their expertise in and experiences with science and technology. Realise it: by creating and epitomising an innovative and connected culture which is supported by appropriate frameworks and pathways. Our science findings will be translated towards economic outcomes and our scientific research will be strengthened by our engagement in these activities. Realise it: by stimulating an awareness and groundswell of engagement in the world of advanced materials and nanotechnology specifically, and science generically, whereby the level of science participation and science literacy is augmented in our schools and communities. Realise it: by providing data to Government that aids their informed decision-making and bears evidence for the role of collaborative science in New Zealand’s advancement. Realise it: through the opportunity that the New Zealand public have provided for us whereby we have sufficient security and authority to allow us to think, create, achieve.