Editorial: Inspiring, Influencing, Initiating

Kate McGrathProfessor Kate McGrath, Director of The MacDiarmid Institute

The stories captured in this edition of Interface abound with people who are making a difference. People who are willing to take a leap of faith, whether that be by moving half way around the world to join the MacDiarmid Institute in order to explore opportunities for their own future or those people who are forging new pathways for a future where science, community, culture, education, business and decision making are integrated without question of their mutual importance.

Irrespective of the original motivation what people find in joining or partnering with the MacDiarmid Institute is a network of people working through a connected infrastructure that delivers an environment that is truly unique and extraordinary in the world. We provide a springboard of opportunities, an environment where exploration is paramount and a culture of responsibility whereby we work to ensure that we change things for the better, for ourselves, for our communities, for the country.

From undertaking the research that will create real world differences and begin to deliver solutions for the world’s future resource limitations; to putting a stake in the ground and demanding excellence in what we do and in doing so rising to be influential; to changing how we view the role of science in society, the members of the MacDiarmid Institute epitomise the philosophy that by working together to deliver common goals within a common values proposition we are significantly more than the sum of our parts. We represent a blueprint and that blueprint is finding a larger and larger audience, in places familiar and unfamiliar alike. These audiences are seeing how by working with us our influence and capabilities can be used to inspire and initiate new endeavours and how collectively we can make new rules for engagement through which we will create real opportunities for the future.