Editorial By Professor Kate McGrath

There is a lot I could focus on in this editorial; the enormous success of our 7th International conference, AMN7, thanks to the hard work of Shane Telfer and his team; the calibre of our speakers at the conference with topics from threads of electric charge to creating complex molecular architectures as MOFs; and the spectacle that was our third nanoart exhibition associated with the conference. All of these deserve attention being drawn to them. But I am going to throw a spotlight on something that we are only just beginning to explore; working with Māori to begin to integrate our science with their businesses, communities, science and education, and in doing so enhance the work of all who participate in the engagement. Since our last edition of Interface we have been working with Ngā Hononga Marae (Charitable)  to realise how Matauranga Māori and science can deliver more together than apart.