Distinguished Awards in 2011


Professor Jeff Tallon was awarded the 2011 New Zealand Institute of Physics’ Dan Walls Medal. The Dan Walls medal is awarded to the physicist working in New Zealand for at least the past ten years who is deemed to have made the greatest impact, both nationally and internationally, in his/her field of research. Jeff is a Principal Investigator in Theme 2 of the MacDiarmid Institute and a Distinguished Scientist at Industrial Research Limited. Jeff is an internationally recognised scientist in the field of high temperature superconductors.





Professor David Williams was awarded the 2011 New Zealand Institute of Chemistry’s Maurice Wilkins Centre Prize. The prize is awarded to a member of the Institute who has made a significant contribution to some branch of chemical science, in the past five years. David is based in the Department of Chemistry at Auckland University and is a specialist of electrochemistry. He is a Principal Investigator in the MacDiarmid Institute’s Theme 6. David has made considerable advances in the field of sensing, which have led to the introduction of robust new materials for gas sensors and ingenious new ways of fabricating sensors and employing them in trace gas measurement instruments, leading to successful new companies.