Conducting Polymers in Queenstown and Wollongong

2004 saw MacDiarmid Institute researchers involved in organising a highly successful satellite symposium to ICSM04, the 2004 International Conference on The Science and Technology of Synthetic Metals. The symposium “ New Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage” was held in June at the Millennium Hotel in Queenstown with international speakers including Alan MacDiarmid (University of Pennsylvania), Arthur Epstein (Ohio State University) and Joel Miller (University of Utah). After the symposium, the group headed to the ICSM04 meeting in Wollongong, NSW where Institute PI Alan Kaiser gave a keynote address on the electrical nature of conducting polymers and carbon nanotubes and where PIs Keith Gordon and David Officer gave invited lectures on oligothiophenes as electroluminescent materials and artificial photosynthesis.

Other presentations from MacDiarmid Institute members included oral presentations from Sanjeev Gambhir, Klaudia Wagner and Pawel Wagner, and posters from Jim Johnston, Thomas Borrmann, Michael Richardson, and Amy Ballantyne.