Innovation Agents are scientific specialists in research translation and commercialisation of research, contracted to raise awareness of the commercial significance of research across the MacDiarmid Institute and, specifically for projects that span multiple institutions, to guide projects through technology transfer.


Research Translation Fellowships train students to be entrepreneurially aware, and give them the skills to interact effectively with industry and develop their networks with industrial partners. Available for postgraduate and emerging scientists, these fellowships are available to those interested in carrying out either scoping or in-depth evaluation projects.


Directed at Principal Investigators, Commercialisation Fellowships provide funding to allow Investigators time to explore commercialisation of specific ideas or to learn the details of specific end-user industry. As part of the overarching Research Translation programme these fellowships allow investigators to spend time away from the classroom and spend up to three months developing skills in interfacing with industry and translating research from laboratory to commercialisation within a New Zealand context.


PhD Student Industry Internships are currently being piloted and resourced by the MacDiarmid Institute. The institute is working to expand a network of businesses to resource the interns and provide support for students to spend a short period as an intern in a related industry. The goal is that students work on industry, rather than thesis-related problems during their internship and that these internships be primarily undertaken in New Zealand-based businesses. The students will emerge with an understanding of the importance and relevance of deadlines. They will be able to think and act outside their expertise domain while using their expertise to produce results, and have the ability to work with short-term intense focus. They will appreciate that the skills they have acquired during their PhD study have a much broader range of application than their narrow subject area. The companies involved are enthusiastic because they will make contact with potential recruits, and expand their capacity to adopt and adapt technology and science research and provide faster solutions. For the pilot programme, the Institute has offers of hosting from Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Rakon, Callaghan Innovation, Publons and Hitachi Laboratories Europe.