Images of Nanotechnology Competition

Entries are now open for the third Images of Nanotechnology Competition to find the best NZ images from nanotechnology research. An exhibition of selected images will be held in Nelson in February, in conjunction with the AMN7 conference and $2000 in prizes will be awarded, courtesy of the MacDiarmid Institute. Up to three entries could be submitted through the entry form on the website. The best images will be displayed in the Nelson Provincial Museum, for four weeks in February 2015. The deadline for entries is 31 October 2014, and any entry received before 10 October will be eligible to be chosen as the poster image for the exhibition. Please think about how you would explain your images to a lay audience, and have a description prepared when you submit your image(s). These descriptions may be used on the labels next to images that are shown in the Gallery. You should explain the image as though you are explaining it to a non-scientist friend – in the past we have found that many descriptions are far too technical and in fact it would be very help to try your description out on a friend before submitting it. We encourage you to also submit a few supporting images that might help a viewer understand how your image(s) were created. Entries are encouraged from any researcher or research student based in NZ. Please do let all your colleagues, students and friends know about the competition.