Rare Earth Nitrides


Franck Natali
Dr Franck Natali
Principal Investigator


December 3, 2015 - 12:00 pm


December 3, 2015 - 1:00 pm


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Rare Earth Nitrides: The New Kids On The Block For Semiconductor Spintronics


The rare earth nitrides (RENs) are almost unique materials, displaying the properties of both semiconductors and magnets, even in their intrinsic state. They offer opportunities across a broad range of electronic-optical technologies and “spintronics” applications, an emerging energy-saving branch of electronics which utilises both the charge and the spin of electrons.  Non-volatile random access memory, reduced energy consumption, increased data processing and storage speed are only three examples of a very long list. To date the research on the RENs has focussed on the fundamental properties, both from experimental and theoretical point of views. One particular aspect in this field that has been largely overlooked so far is the question of the epitaxial growth. Here, I will take stock of where our progress has occurred within recent years in both the epitaxial growth and experimental field in view of developing proof-of concept spintronic device based on RENs. Maybe even more interesting is the RENs are epitaxy-compatible materials with group III-nitrides, the technologically important nonmagnetic semiconductor family for the fabrication of white and blue light emitting diodes and transistors. I will present some of the results.


Victoria University of Wellington, RB901
University of Canterbury, Psychology 164