Making A Living




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Making A Living How can New Zealand use science and technology to build an innovation based economy?    

The future here today: Find out what Kiwis are already doing from New Zealand

Aeroqual Aeroqual design and build high quality sensors to monitor air quality and to detect gases, even if they are only there in minute quantities.  Their monitors are used for a very wide range of tasks: from measuring roadside pollution and feeding information into smart systems that monitor traffic flows, to monitoring ozone levels in food stores to make sure produce stays fresh and healthy for as long as possible. They are world leaders in their field and export globally from Auckland.


Polar Bear Farm

Polar Bear Farm started the mobile app revolution.  As soon as the iphone was announced, they saw the potential for rich mobile applications and developed the technology, from Christchurch, New Zealand.  They now have 10 million customers using their apps for ipad and iphone.


Magritek design and build compact instruments that can look inside and measure a range of different items, such as rocks, chemicals and plants to give really detailed information about what they are made of using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance or Magnetic Resonance Imaging technology.  The company was established in 2004 and now exports instruments to customers all over the world.


SmallWorlds.Com provides browser-based on-line worlds.  Established in 2009, they have 7 million customers globally, 99% of whom are overseas.