Lead or Follow?




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“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”
– Apple co-founder Steve Jobs


The MacDiarmid and BIC institutes are sponsoring an Innovation Workshop on 15 June 2011, to be held at the University of Canterbury. The workshop is open to ALL MacDiarmid and BIC staff and students. If you would like to develop your bright idea, or simply want to find out more about the commercialization process, come along and gain from the knowledge of those who have already been there.

Speakers include successful innovators ranging from students through to business people. They include Guy Horrocks, Keith Alexander, Ralph Bungard, Bob Buckley and Phil Holliday. More about these people and the format of the workshop may be found on the attachment.

Please note that attendance will be strictly limited to 30 people. To reserve your place please e-mail Rebekah Hunt before Friday 13 May.

Students / Postdocs: if you are not based in Christchurch we hope your PI will be will be willing to pay for your air fare, but if you have any difficulties in this regard please contact Rebekah in the first instance.

Simon Brown (MacDiarmid) and Bill Swallow (BIC)