Energy Objective 1: Solar Photovoltaics

The understanding of photovoltaics combined with the development of new materials and realisation of new fabrication technologies will allow us to contribute to this major international challenge and provide high impact results and leading edge training for our graduate students.

The 6 year science specific high-level impacts for this objective are:

  • New printable organic, quantum dot, and perovskite-based photovoltaic materials are created with improved photovoltaic efficiencies by drawing upon spectroscopically derived design rules.
  • Nanoparticle and nano-textured coatings for enhanced light trapping in solar cells; incorporation into fabricated cells.

The goal of this objective is to obtain a fundamental understanding of the limitations slowing down rapid advancement of solar cell technologies and the development of new routes to fabrication. We contribute particular, unique advanced characterisation methods strengthening the world-wide energy research effort. Furthermore, we will develop new ways for mass fabrication of textured surfaces optimised for light capture.

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