Electrochemistry Bootcamp

Electrochemistry Bootcamp

Professor David Williams introduced the theory and fundamentals, which was complemented by lectures on batteries by Professor Simon Hall and lectures on nanotechnology and sensors by Professor Alison Downard. This provided a good mix of theory and applications, and the challenging lectures were enjoyed by all.

Camp-style lodging and delicious food was provided by MESA and the MacDiarmid Institute, making this event great fun and free to attend.

The lectures were followed by free time for networking and socializing, which all attendees took great advantage of, and there was even a short hike and a bit of swimming. The remote location added to the adventure, as did the ‘electronic isolation’ (no internet or cell phone connectivity!).

The feedback survey indicated every attendee felt it was worth their time coming, and all recommended another MESA bootcamp be run again in 2013 – so stay tuned!

 – Cosmin Laslau, Chair, MESA.


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