Early career researchers to attend international workshop

Early career researchers to attend international workshop


The MacDiarmid Institute is pleased to be sponsoring three students attending the Australian Nanotechnology Network’s Nanotechnology Entrepreneurship Workshop for early career researchers at Griffiths University on the Gold Coast in June. The aim of this symposium is to provide a forum for early career researchers (ECRs) and postgraduate students working on nanotechnology research to interact with industry leaders and learn about how to commercialise Nanotechnology.





Conor Burke-GoveyPhD student Conor Burke-Govey (VuW) is as an executive member and acting Industry Engagement Officer of the MacDiarmid Emerging Scientist Association. Conor is interested in the interplay between acadaemia and industry, especially in the Oceanic region. He is also keen to explore industrial opportunities and research outside of a strictly academic context. He has already established connections within the Australian nanotechnology community, having spent 6 weeks at the Australian National Fabrication Facility UNSW node in collaboration with A/Prof. Adam Micolich and his associated nanoelectronics group late last year.

Conor will present current MacDiarmid Institute research on fabricating heirachial zinc oxide nanowires for use as field-effect transistors and associated devices. 



ShyamalPhD student Shyamal Prasad (VuW) believes the workshop bridges two key areas of interest; chemistry and economics/finance, each of which he has bachelor degrees in.

Shyamal was awarded the creative poster prize at last year’s MESA student symposium on commercialisation (selected by science investors.) By attending the workshop, he hopes to gain insight into what is expected of PhD graduates from industry and to build a greater understanding of the commercialisation process and how I can adapt my current research to benefit.

Shyamal is currently approaching the end of the first year of his PhD in physical chemistry at under the supervision of Justin Hodgkiss. He will be presenting research informing the design of cost effective photovoltaics.

MichelPostdoctoral Fellow Dr Michel Nieuwoudt (UoA) obtained her PhD in 2012 and is currently working in her second year on a postdoctoral fellowship under the guidance of Professor David Williams. Michel believes this workshop will greatly benefit her current project which involves developing an on-site point-of-collection system for use in the field for screening of milk. The system involves microfluidics and SERS with novel nanostructured surfaces.

Michel will present a poster on work done so far on using different gold sputtered surfaces as SERS substrates for sensitive detection of melamine; she presented a part of this work at the SPIE Photonics West conference in February in San Francisco this year. She considers this an exciting opportunity to be able to learn from the people who are expert in both nano-engineering and point-of-care diagnostics.