Do you have your why? Your big goal? And can you use it to capture and share passion?

The what you would ultimately like to come from all of yours and maybe many others efforts? What is your goal that you can share with others in such a way that they would think that your research is important and interesting and allow them to share in your passion, even if it is just for a few moments? And I don’t mean the practiced statement that everyone can tell you have pulled out a million times before and you are now bored with it, or the broad generalisation of your area, I mean the thing that really drives you on – sometimes for decades trying to achieve.

Beyond the details of your research what is your big goal?

Then taking it further, can you state your big goal and also what your actual contribution will be to that big goal?

For example, I would love a future where dealing with the outcomes that accidents and disease have on our bones and teeth does not equate to us using metal implants. Instead we are using materials, the characteristics of which, mimic the key attributes of native bones and teeth. This would ensure that these materials respond the way our bones and teeth respond to any given environmental change, are recognised by our bodies and even more than this, that the presence of the implant triggers the body to self-repair; new, healthy hard tissue.

That is my big goal. But I am not going to actually achieve this goal personally – assuming we can achieve this goal at all. The best I can hope for is that the materials that I am developing will ultimately be the base materials used in the implants. That would be quite something! To achieve my big goal will take a massive effort from a huge number of people and a lot of money and a lot of time. More than this it requires me to understand a lot! A lot of stuff that is way outside my expertise. But I need to understand this in order to get my bit if not right at least contributing at the highest levels I can towards understanding what needs to be done and ultimately delivering a material that could be used as the base material to make implants.

I am under no real delusions that I will ever be able to trace what I actually do in my research to those materials that will eventually routinely be used in patients once my goal is achieved (for I am sure that the goal will be achieved), but nonetheless it is my goal that I work towards. It is one of the reasons why I think science research is so crucial.

We all need our big goals, but more, we need to share our big goals widely in order to enhance the understanding and appreciation that science research is really important to and for everyone.

What is your big goal and why would anyone else think it is worth investing in?

Enjoy the weekend.