Commitment and Collegiality

Commitment and Collegiality

These plans will be the basis for a joint meeting between the Board and the Science Executive at the end of July. They define what we are doing now and what we intend to do, forming the basis for our rebidding proposal. The meeting was great and showed to me yet again how amazing the members of the MacDiarmid Institute are and the very high level of commitment and collegiality displayed by those on the Science Executive. So this week I am highlighting them and saying thank you to them for the past year during which I have asked a lot of them and they have delivered with passion and enthusiasm every time.

The Science Executive membership includes each of the six Theme Leaders (Simon Brown (UoC, Theme 1), Nicola Gaston (IRL, Theme 2), Alison Downard (UoC, Theme 3), Bill Williams (MU, Theme 4), Tim Kemmitt (IRL, Theme 5) and Geoff Willmott (IRL, Theme 6), the two Cross-Theme Representatives (David Williams (UoA) and Ian Brown (IRL)), the Chair of MESA (Cosmin Laslau (UoA)), the Director, and Deputy Directors (Simon Brown (UoC) and Shaun Hendy (IRL/VUW)) are ex-officio members and of course our Centre Manager Emily Sullivan.

Over the past year we’ve instigated a lot of changes and many new initiatives, we’ve reviewed all our Investigators and we have laid the foundation of the next phase of the MacDiarmid Institute. The openness and willingness of the Science Executive members has been outstanding, the robust discussions on tough issues and their leadership with respect to what the institute can be will be the mark of us over the next several years. Each of them should justly be proud of what we have achieved.

Thank you to each of you, it has been a pleasure working with you this past year and I look forward to the coming year.

The Director’s Blog will be coming to you just once a fortnight from now on so have a great weekend and I will catch you on the 13th of July.